Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Learn, Lead and Live

[Learn: Students will enjoy unhindered learning facilities at KU; Lead: Through proper learning they will emerge as global leaders; Live: While learning, leading & serving they will enjoy self-living, will make the world safe & livable for others too]


Creation of global leaders who will contribute to make knowledge-based just society through accelerating inclusive and transformative growth of Bangladesh and the world.The university aims to achieve this vision through scholarly enquiry and contribution to the global knowledge pool.


                                                    i.    Explore human potential to the fullest extent and produce self-motivated, aspiring leaders to work for the betterment of the humankind based on wisdom, freethinking, creativity and unhindered intellectual exercises.
                                                  ii.    Ensure a transformative educational experience that enables creative learning, entrepreneurship and inquisitiveness among the students.
                                                 iii.    Create an inclusive research environment that enables graduates to make demonstrable economic and social impacts through translating knowledge and innovation into practice driven by moral values and professional ethics.


i.           To explore intrinsic excellence and innovation in learners through incorporating individualized learning & assessment strategies.
ii.         To provide collaborative learning opportunities for local and international students through multi-, cross-, and trans-disciplinary exchange programs.
iii.          To promote cohesive academic environment that inspires critical thinking, creation of new knowledge and encourages national and international collaboration for cutting-edge research.
iv.          To create centers of excellence and global hub for multidisciplinary innovative research for sharing knowledge and its application towards addressing emerging local and global issues.
v.            To conceive and operationalize academy-industry-community nexus at local, regional and global scales for wider societal benefits keeping the world safe and livable.