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Welcome to the Physical Education Department of Khulna University. I am honored to serve as the Director overseeing the sports programs provided to our students. Since our establishment in 1991, KU Sports has built a proud legacy of achievement both on the athletic fields and in the academic realm Our sports programs play a crucial role in shaping our students' development, equipping them with valuable skills that extend far beyond their playing days. Engaging in organized team sports allows our student-athletes to cultivate essential life skills like goal setting, time management, cooperation, and sportsmanship. These qualities are highly regarded and will greatly benefit our students as they pursue their academic degrees and embark on their professional jou... rneys. Our dedicated staff are committed to fostering a challenging, supportive, and unified environment where our student-athletes can realize their academic, athletic, and personal potential. Participating in sports teaches individuals the value of collaboration and working together towards a shared objective, imparting a valuable lesson that extends beyond the individual and enriches our entire community. So, we hold high expectations for our athletes and spectators, emphasizing the importance of respect and sportsmanship in all interactions with opposing teams, coaches, fans, and officials. Finally, we are committed to deliver our students the fundamental lesson of "Goals worth achieving will be attained only through preparation, hard work and dedication!

Vision & Mission


The Physical Education Department (PED) at Khulna University (KU) is committed to providing a wide range of programs to students, faculty, and staff. Our aim is to foster leadership, unity, well-being, and resilience, while also nurturing the intellectual, ethical, and moral qualities required to drive meaningful social transformation through thoughtful and mindful approaches.


A. To enhance the educational experience beyond the classroom by offering programs that promote leaming through competition, recreation, and physical activity.

B. To provide a wide array of opportunities that help develop character, instill motivation, and encourage collaboration, equipping our students for success in every aspect of their lives.

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Professor Dr. Ahsan Habib Director (In-Charge) 18-07-2021 Till date

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