Review on platinum nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and applications (Link:,cE8sWnp)

Author:- Md. Abu Rayhan Khan, Muhammad Shamim Al Mamun, Hosna Ara
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Chemistry Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


Nanotechnology has become a fundamental and innovative sector in technological discipline. Nano refers to the small sized particles (10–9 m) with wide range of applications. Nowadays, different classes of nanoparticles are being synthesized. Metallic nanoparticles like noble metals with attractive physicochemical properties are used in various sectors. Among these various metallic nanoparticles, Pt nanoparticles are more advantageous in biological, biosensor, electro analytical and analytical as well as catalysis applications. So, several methods like physical, chemical and biological are used for the synthesis of Pt nanoparticles. Biological methods are more convenient and ecofriendly for Pt nanoparticles synthesis. The main aim of this study was to review the synthesis methods, characterization, and different applications such as catalytic activities, antibacterial, antifungal, electro analytical and analytical of Pt nanoparticles.

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