Agro-Biodiversity Across the Food Chain

Author:- Shamim Ahmed Kamal Uddin Khan, Md. Moshiur Rahman and Md. Matiul Islam
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2022
Discipline:- Agrotechnology Discipline
School:- Life Science School


Currently, we are at a point of unprecedented changes in the climate, which is affecting the food chain across the agro-biodiversity. The changes in species diversity in the food web indicate the changes in variety at any of the trophic levels. Adaptation with the environmentally changed conditions depends on the effective use of biological components of the local agro-ecosystem, which is also the focal point of sustainable approaches. Sustainable management of natural resources in the agro-biodiversity is essential for food and livelihood security of the living beings in an ecosystem. In this chapter, a synthesis of published evidence of the complex and crucial relationships between elements of agro-biodiversity, climate change, and the food chain is provided. A review of published articles highlights the status and trend of changes in the components of agro-biodiversity, the factors enhancing such changes, and the points needed to be considered to maintain a sustainable way of food production for obtaining a stable food chain. Finally, the present status of studies and researches relating both of the agro-biodiversity and genetic resources are identified. Nevertheless, despite the need for more knowledge of agro-biodiversity and the food chain, it is clear that more effective action would be taken.

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