Numerical study of the influence of temperature dependent viscosity on the unsteady laminar flow and heat transfer of a viscous incompressible fluid due to a ROTATING DISC

Author:- Akter Hossain & Sarder Firoz Ahmmed
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2022
Discipline:- Mathematics Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


 In this article, the effect of temperature-dependent viscosity (TVD) on the unsteady laminar flow and heat transfer (HT) of a viscous incompressible fluid due to a rotating disc (RD) has been investigated numerically by exploiting an in-house numerical code. A set of time-dependent, axisymmetric, and non-linear partial differential equations which govern the fluid flows and heat transfer are reduced to non-linear local non-similarity ordinary differential equations by introducing a newly developed group of transformations for different time regimes. Three different solution methods, such as, (i) perturbation solution method for small t, (ii) asymptotic solution method for large t, and (iii) implicit finite difference method for the entire t regime, have been applied to solve the resulting equations treating t as the time-dependent rotating parameter. The local radial skin friction, tangential skin friction and the heat transfer are computed at the surface of the disc for different numerical parameters, such as, Prandtl number, Pr and the viscosity-variation parameter, e. Besides, the key dimensionless quantities such as velocity and temperature profiles, which are inherently linked with the boundary layer thickness, are presented graphically for different values of e while Pr = 0.72. It is found that the dimensionless radial, tangential and axial velocity profiles decrease as e increases, and consequently, the momentum boundary layer thickness is decreased. On the other hand, the non-dimensional temperature profiles are increased owing to the increasing values of e, and this effect eventually leads to a small increment in the thermal boundary layer thickness.

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