A review on the treatment of dyes in printing and dyeing wastewater by plant biomass carbon

Author:- ZhongchuangLiu, Tabrez AlamKhan, Md. AzharulIslam, UnshaTabrez
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2022
Discipline:- Forestry & Wood Technology Discipline
School:- Life Science School


Printing and dyeing wastewater (PDW) has characteristics of large amount of water, elevated content of residual dyes, poor biodegradability, high alkalinity and large change of water quality, making its treatment difficult. Development of efficient and economic PDW treatment technology has gained considerable interest in the field of environmental protection. Use of plant biomass carbon (PBC) for the adsorption of dyes is a feasible and economical technology. This review summarizes current literature discussing the preparation method and physicochemical characteristics of PBC prepared from different plant species, the effect of PBC on the removal of dyes, influencing factors affecting the removal, and relevant adsorption models. The shortcomings of current research and the direction of future research are also pointed out in the review.

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