Recent Advances in Ovarian Cancer: Therapeutic Strategies, Potential Biomarkers, and Technological Improvements

Author:- Salima Akter, Md. Ataur Rahman, Mohammad Nazmul Hasan, Hajara Akhter, Priya Noor, Rokibul Islam, Yoonhwa Shin, MD. Hasanur Rahman, Md. Shamim Gazi, Md Nazmul Huda, Nguyen Minh Nam, Jinwook Chung, Sunhee Han, Bonglee Kim, Insug Kang, Joohun Ha, Wonchae Choe, Tae Gyu Choi, Sung Soo Kim
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2022
Discipline:- Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Discipline
School:- Life Science School


Aggressive and recurrent gynecological cancers are associated with worse prognosis and a lack of effective therapeutic response. Ovarian cancer (OC) patients are often diagnosed in advanced stages, when drug resistance, angiogenesis, relapse, and metastasis impact survival outcomes. Currently, surgical debulking, radiotherapy, and/or chemotherapy remain the mainstream treatment modalities; however, patients suffer unwanted side effects and drug resistance in the absence of targeted therapies. Hence, it is urgent to decipher the complex disease biology and identify potential biomarkers, which could greatly contribute to making an early diagnosis or predicting the response to specific therapies. This review aims to critically discuss the current therapeutic strategies for OC, novel drug-delivery systems, and potential biomarkers in the context of genetics and molecular research. It emphasizes how the understanding of disease biology is related to the advancement of technology, enabling the exploration of novel biomarkers that may be able to provide more accurate diagnosis and prognosis, which would effectively translate into targeted therapies, ultimately improving patients’ overall survival and quality of life.

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