A Qualitative-Based Study on Barriers to Change from Linear Business Model to Circular Economy Model in Built Environment—Evidence from Bangladesh

Author:- Mir Sohrab Hossain & Mahfuja Khatun
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Business Administration Discipline
School:- Management and Business Administration School


This study intended to develop a vigorous method to recognize the core barriers to shift from linear to a circular economy in built environment. The circular economy model has arisen as an environmentally responsible substitute to the current linear model. Most of the body of knowledge has comprehensively wider emphasis on circular economy, but a more custom-made understanding and approach are necessary in different sectors, e.g., building environment to materialize the concept of circular economy. Thus, this study concentrates on the built environment in Bangladesh (a developing country), where its constituting elements are characterized by several stakeholders, extensive lifespans, and plenty of apparatuses and supplementary materials that interact dynamically. The design of this research is a qualitative research based. Based on desk explorations, a fundamental understanding regarding circular economy barriers in built environment has been developed. A non-random sample of respondents nominated by the researchers was taken. Semi-structured interviews with circular economy experts have been conducted. To accelerate the transformation towards circularity, the researchers have tried to pinpoint the barriers of circular economy within the built environment. This will constitute the foundation of future work for the development of the circular economy.

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