What is imperialism? How is it established? Its causes and its impact on world politics and economy

Author:- Md. Uzzal Talukder
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Mass Communication & Journalism Discipline
School:- Social Science School


What is imperialism? Imperialism is called the new form of colonization. Imperialism refers to the domination and control of a weak state by a military, economic, political, and culturally strong state. The domination and intervention of a strong state over a weak state. According to Lenin, the highest level of capitalism is imperialism. How imperialism is established: Through imperialism, powerful states force weak countries to accept their decisions for their own gain. It can be military, political, and economic, or cultural. Imperialism is the creation of capitalists. At one time military power was very important for the establishment of imperialism. Because people had less knowledge then. So people were forced to listen to the strong state directly through muscle power. Then imperialism could be seen by the common people. But the present imperialism cannot be seen. Because human knowledge has developed over time. Now military power is used less. At present, imperialism is established and controlled by economy, politics and culture. However, military force is used when necessary. There are several reasons behind imperialism: 1. Strong states establish imperialism for economic prosperity. At present, the economic reason is the main reason behind imperialism. At present America, China, India are establishing imperialism for economic prosperity. 2. Racial superiority has been seen in imperialism. This is why Germany wanted to establish imperialism through World War II. 3. Imperialism can be in the name of the development of civilization. They think that Britain has run imperialism in the subcontinent for the development of civilization. 4. Imperialism is in the name of world security. What America is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? 5. Imperialism is to create a market for the product. China, India, Japan are running imperialism to do it in different countries. 6. Occupying land for resettlement of excess population can lead to imperialism. Israel is a good example. 6. Imperialism is also used for propagating and spreading religion. The crop of religious imperialism in Europe is today's North, South America, Australia, and various countries in Africa. 6. Imperialism was also established to increase political dominance. Ukraine is a victim of political imperialism in America and Russia. 9. Imperialism is used to develop the language and culture of one's own country. France and Britain are good examples of cultural imperialism. 10. Imperialism is also often used to increase interference and domination over other states. The Impact of Imperialism on World Politics and Economy: After the First and Second World Wars, the imperialist countries, under the guise of modernizing the occupation process, adopted a policy of plundering the resources of the target country in various ways rather than occupying it. This policy was legitimized by the United Nations created by imperialism. In ancient times, the imperialist power was more or less concerned about the well-being, happiness, and misery of the people of the occupied countries, but the modern imperialist power does not care about the happiness and misery of the people of the targeted country. The central point of their goal is to plunder the country concerned, wage civil war, wipe out the people of the country or enslave them and gain the right to use the land freely. To this end, the present imperialist power sends multinational forces or UN forces to the country concerned through conspiracy or by forcibly establishing the power of the slave country in order to wipe out the patriots and use the pretext of stopping the civil war. The task of that force is to protect the puppet government and to stop the imperialist looting. In the interest of uninterrupted exploitation, civil war inevitably took place in the country concerned as an adjunct to the Tabedar government. Because the self-respecting independent people of the concerned nation stood against the government of Tabedar and its lord. The imperialists also spread various doctrines of the nineteenth century all over the world through advanced information technology. This has created innumerable unethical Westerners in every country of the world. The imperialist power established these characterless, lustful, drunken, drunken women and drug addicts in important positions at home and abroad. He used them to destroy his country and people by showing greed for financial power and to form a government and a party with them. The sectors from which the imperialists recruit their agents are: Anarchist communists, secularist parties and groups, employees of the United Nations-World Bank-IMF-American City Bank, employees of multinational companies and NGOs run by imperialist countries, ethnic-religious minorities, non-partisans, Drug addicts, corrupt and greedy politicians-military officials-bureaucrats and businessmen, members of the Lion and Rotary Club run by Zionist Jews, Qadiani and Baha'i communities, ISKCON, religious businessmen, mullahs, people of minority sects such as- - Shrine worshipers, etc. Indigenous individuals of the sector. The class character of all the slave parties and governments in the present world is the same. The imperialists always formed the slave parties and the government with the minorities and the characterless. So that the government made up of minorities takes refuge in the side of imperialism for fear of the majority and becomes a tax state or a state of refuge. Giving a few examples will prove the point- We had Fakhruddin, Manmohan Singh of India, and Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, and Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq as officials of the World Bank and multinational companies. Egypt's ongoing election results show that 85% of the country's population is Islamist; in this situation, the imperialist forces are working to prevent the Islamists from coming to power in Egypt. The history of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and Algeria is similar. The Tabedar government was formed with the help of the minorities through a conspiracy so the majority of patriotic people stood against the Tabedar government and its lord. In this situation, the Tabedar government, for fear of losing power, entered into an anti-national slavery pact with imperialism and abandoned the country's independence, sovereignty, and dignity under the feet of imperialism. Destroys the target country from within and destroys the country's resistance. It takes over the country's resources and geopolitical position. Occupying the important geopolitical position of the targeted country with the force and perpetuating all-out plunder. They never think about what will happen to the people of these countries. The subordinate government of imperialism puts the interests of the country at stake and prioritizes the implementation of the agenda and demands of the imperialist powers. Yes, and greedy, dishonest, thieves-bandits, and anti-nationals are rewarded. This government bound the country in various slavery agreements with the imperialist powers. One of them is the Gaddafi agreement of the Tabedar government. It tramples on the fundamental rights, human rights, and civil rights of the people. The members of this government are cruel-inhuman and looters. The embezzlement of millions of dollars is the best proof of this. Their conscience is not constrained to embezzle the money to rebuild the nearly destroyed homeland. In the name of counter-terrorism, the imperialist countries invade the countries rich in natural resources and loot their natural resources. And the governments of these countries are subservient so they do not take any effective steps to stop this. And when anyone speaks against them, they collectively suppress them as terrorist militants. And they use the United Nations and some human rights organizations to legitimize all this. The imperialist countries, under various pressures and tactics, make various trade agreements with the weak states for their own benefit. As a result of these agreements, the imperialist countries control the economy of the weak countries. They control all kinds of the economic systems including the education systems, medical systems, agriculture systems, industrial systems. They use institutions like the World Bank, IMF, and World Trade Organization for economic exploitation. They are creating militants on the one hand to sustain the arms trade and on the other hand, they are working to destroy the militants. Militancy is part of the imperialists' plan. They are using the media to create a consumerist society. Do not preach anything that goes against them. The media is one of the tools of the imperialists. They make films in such a way that people accept their superiority when they see them. For their convenience, they spread the religious poison. Provokes religious divisions. Creates division in society. Increases conflict between minorities and majorities. They make people interested in caste, language, and tribe. They use science and technology to create a consumerist society. They encourage people to abuse them. They trade hundreds of crores of rupees through the betting business. They work to expand their dominance in the name of social service and research. They keep the meritorious people obedient with various benefits. They use women as commodities in the name of giving those rights. They want to build a similar culture in the world that will benefit them to control the world. Makes them accustomed to culture, language, literature, fashion, rituals, customs. As a result, the imperialists were able to use culture to spread economic and political dominance. This is how imperialism influences world politics, economy, and culture. In conclusion, the response to imperialism is a name of terror in the world. Because it is difficult to say when a country is a victim of military aggression. And most of the countries of the world are falling prey to imperialism economically and culturally, so to prevent it, awareness is needed, patriotism is needed, and greed is needed to be eradicated. And the biggest proof that this can be saved from imperialism is a small state like Cuba, which is next to powerful America.

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