Insights into the physical properties and anisotropic nature of ErPdBi with an appearance of low minimum thermal conductivity

Author:- S K Mitro, R Majumder, K M Hossain, Md Zahid Hasan, Md Emran Hossain and M A Hadi
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Physics Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


We theoretically study the structural, elastic and optical properties of ErPdBi together with its anisotropic behaviors using density functional theory. It is observed that ErPdBi satisfies the Born stability criteria nicely and possesses high quality of machinability. The anisotropic behavior of ErPdBi is reported with the help of theoretical anisotropy indices incorporating 3D graphical presentation, which suggests that ErPdBi is highly anisotropic in nature. It is noticed that the minimum thermal conductivity is very low for ErPdBi compared to the several species. This low value of minimum thermal conductivity introduces the potentiality of ErPdBi in high-temperature applications such as thermal barrier coatings. In addition, deep optical insights of ErPdBi reveal that our material can be used in different optoelectronic and electronic device applications ranging from organic light-emitting diodes, solar panel efficiency, waveguides etc. to integration of integrated circuits. Therefore, we believe that our results will provide a new insight into high-temperature applications and will benefit for the development of promising optoelectric devices as well.

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