Investigate the Effect of Diabetes on Hypertension based on Bangladesh Demography and Health Survey, 2017-18

Author:- Md. Merajul Islam, Md. Jahanur Rahman, Most. Tawabunnahar, Md. Menhazul Abedin, Md. Maniruzzaman
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Statistics Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


 Hypertension is a major public health problem with raising its prevalence and effect among adults overtime worldwide, especially in Bangladesh. The aim is to investigate the effect of diabetes on hypertension. The dataset used in this study was extracted from Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey, 2017-18 having a total of 6,965 (male: 3,376 and female: 3,589) adults whose ages were B35 years. Bivariate analysis along with Pearson’s chi-square test was executed to observe the association between different selected factors and hypertension. Additionally, binary logistic regression was employed to investigate the effect of diabetes on hypertension based on adjusted odds ratio (AOR) along with p-value in Bangladesh. The results of the study revealed that average age of the participants was 51.04a12.731 and a total of 34.7 percent participants were identified as hypertension. Logistic regression analysis demonstrated that diabetic patients were 1.280 times (95% CI of AOR: 1.107-1.479; p-value=0.001) higher risk of hypertension compared to non-diabetic. Furthermore, our finding’s also showed that diabetic patient who was 35–49 years age, 1.462 times (95% CI of AOR: 1.182-1.807; p-value=0.000) higher risk of hypertension compared to age groups ≥50 years. Based on the results, this study claimed that people with diabetes was significantly associated with hypertension. This study suggested greater attention of government and policymakers to make appropriate strategies to reduce hypertension as well as associated risk in Bangladesh.

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