Challenges and Academic achievement of international students in Bangladesh’s Universities

Author:- A. Luqman, U. K. Majumder, Md.Saifur Rahman
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Statistics Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


This research “A Study on Challenges and Academic Achievement International Students’ in Bangladeshi’s Universities”; it primarily aimed to explore the challenges and academic achievements made by the international students. The objectives identified the differences in among demographic factors such as gender, region, and level of education, challenges, and academic achievement among international students. It also examined the relationship between challenges with academic achievement of students among others. The sampling technique used in this research was purposive sampling, as it required the researcher to select the sample that is known to possess a particular characteristic under investigation In Bangladesh the public and private universities academic system assume to be the same and homogeneous in nature. Hence the study selected two public universities and two private universities that have foreign student. The number of 186 respondents was selected from the selected universities using simple random sampling techniques. A significant difference between the international undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in Bangladesh was found when considering the university activities, cultural stress, communication hallenges and socio-demographic variables of the students. The results of the stepwise regression also indicated that university challenges and cultural stress have significantly predicted nternational student achievement in university. The study recommends that universities may organize class for providing training in local communication skills in order to prepare the international students for interaction and successful life in the host community.

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