Biogenic Synthesis and Catalytic Efficacy of Silver Nanoparticles Based on Peel Extracts of Citrus macroptera Fruit

Author:- Prianka Saha, Md. Mahiuddin, A. B. M. Nazmul Islam, and Bungo Ochiai
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Chemistry Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


Biogenically synthesized silver nanoparticles (AgNP) increase the fascination over chemical ones due to their facile and green synthetic process. This study reports the development of an eco-friendly and cost-effective synthesis of AgNPs using an aqueous extract of Citrus macroptera fruit peel, an agricultural waste, as a sole agent with both reducing and capping abilities. The formation of AgNPs was verified by the surface plasmon resonance peak at 426 nm in the UV–vis spectrum, X-ray diffraction pattern, and transmission electron micrography images. The AgNPs obtained under the optimized conditions consist of face-centered cubic crystals and spherical morphology with an average size of 11 nm. The AgNPs are coated with phytochemicals in the C. macroptera fruit peel extract and are stably dispersible due to their negatively charged nature. The AgNPs effectively catalyzed the reduction of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol and the degradation of methyl orange and methylene blue in the presence of sodium borohydride. This method employing a fruit peel extract is facile, efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective and has potential for industrial green fabrication of AgNPs.

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