Multimode Interference based Y-Branch Polymer Optical Waveguide Splitter: Design and Investigation

Author:- Md Koushik Alam, Noor Afsary, Md Omar Faruk Rasel, Takaaki Ishigure
Category:- Conference; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Physics Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


We demonstrate multimode interference (MMI)-based Y-branch single-mode step-index (SI) core polymer optical waveguide splitter for the development of optical circuitry. This polymer waveguide splitter consists of a single input and multiple (six) outputs realized with organic-inorganic hybrid polymer materials. We set the core width for input and outputs of this polymer waveguide splitter as a single-mode, where the core width is particularly 6.5 μm . We design and demonstrate this Y-branch waveguide splitter using the beam propagation method at 1550-nm wavelength following the self-imaging principle. The power efficiency of this MMI-based Y-branch polymer waveguide splitter is 71%, and the excess loss is 1.4 dB.

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