When CVaR Meets With Bluetooth PAN: A Physical Distancing System for COVID-19 Proactive Safety

Author:- Md. Shirajum Munir , Do Hyeon Kim , Anupam Kumar Bairagi , Choong Seon Hong
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Computer Science & Engineering Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


In this work, we propose a risk-aware physical distancing system to assure a private safety distance from others for reducing the chance of being affected by the COVID19 or such kind of pandemic. In particular, we have formulated a physicaldistancingproblem by capturing ConditionalValueat-Risk (CVaR) of a Bluetooth-enabled personal area network (PAN). To solve the formulated risk-aware physical distancing problem, we propose two stages solution approach by imposing control flow, linear model, and curve-fitting schemes. Notably, in the first stage, we determine a PAN creator’s safe movement distance by proposing a probabilistic linear model. This scheme can effectively cope with a tail-risk from the probability distribution by satisfying the CVaR constraint for estimating safe movement distance. In the second stage, we design a Levenberg-Marquardt (LM)-based curve fitting algorithm upon the recommended safety distance and current distances between the PAN creator and others to find an optimal high-risk trajectory plan for the PAN creator. Finally, we have performed an extensive performance analysis using state-of-the-art Bluetooth data to establish the proposed risk-aware physical distancing system’s effectiveness. Our experimental results show that the proposed solution approach can effectively reduce the risk of recommending safety distance towards ensuring private safety. In particular, for a 95% CVaR confidence, we can successfully deal with 45.11% of the risk for measuring the PAN creator’s safe movement distance.

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