The Academic Achievement of Secondary Students in Bangladesh: Assessing the Role of Socioeconomic Status, School Attributes, and Academic Activities

Author:- Ferdousi Jahan Oyshi, Sadia Sharmin Suhi, Afsana Sultana, Nusrat Jahan, and Md. Tanvir Hossain
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Sociology Discipline
School:- Social Science School


This study was aimed at assessing the role of socioeconomic status (SES), school attributes (SA), and academic activities (AA) in the academic achievement of secondary school students in Bangladesh. Data were collected by administering a self-administered questionnaire from 1,043 secondary school students using a multistage cluster random sampling. Hierarchical regression suggested that religion significantly but negatively influenced the academic achievement of secondary students, while SES, teacher-student ratio, performance, and education system significantly predicted the academic achievement, although the latter had a negative impact. Besides, self-regulation and communication also showed a substantial role in determining good academic achievement. Policymakers should pay attention to the SES composition of schools and their quality and mode of education, and certain regulatory activities to achieve quality and all-inclusive education in Bangladesh.

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