What is cultural aggression, its causes, history and impact?

Author:- Md. Uzzal Talukder
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Mass Communication & Journalism Discipline
School:- Social Science School


What is cultural aggression? The English synonym for culture is culture which comes from Latin colere. Which means agriculture or cultivation. The word Bengali culture comes from reformation, which means to remove the faults and defects of a thing and to purify it properly. Economics is everyone's culture. People hold and taste it so its culture. Different countries have different cultures. Differences in culture occur from time to time. The English equivalent of aggression is aggression which means attack without provocation. Aggression is the act of forcing or occupying something unjustly or unjustly. Cultural aggression means forcibly consuming, controlling or destroying a culture. We can call it cultural aggression when a single culture of a country seeks to dominate by destroying other cultures and takes the place of another culture. Cultural aggression is called cultural imperialism. History of cultural aggression: The cultural aggression did not come suddenly. This type comes from the idea of capitalism. From the feudal society when people enter the capitalist social system. Then the capitalists thought. Puji will not develop if everyone does not follow their culture. Because to think like them, to be consumerist like them. Different festivals have to be made product festivals, everything has to be left to the private sector for market growth. He has to hate his own culture and think that the culture of capitalists and imperialists is the best. The cultural aggression started mainly to increase the buyers of the products. And they have used the media, especially television, film, fashion, literature, books, newspapers, magazines, music, as tools for cultural aggression. And in order to overcome this, they have used their subordinate non-governmental organizations (NGOs), various multinational companies for various purposes in the name of information technology, developmental activities. Each country has acknowledged their cultural aggression by accepting various forms of foreign aid, especially economic aid and loans, in the post-independence period. As a result, what happened is that these countries got independence but did not get economic liberation and culture. Because they are helping these countries to form countries, their decisions and culture have to be followed in these countries. Thus, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Somalia and other underdeveloped and developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America today acknowledge the cultural aggression of the imperialists. What is the cause of cultural aggression? The main reason for this is the loss of economic prosperity. But establishing one's own superiority is another reason. Establishment of new colonies by cultural aggression. The survival of imperialism through cultural aggression is also a big reason for this. Because if everyone thinks like them, behaves like them, if they are consumerists, it will be easier for them to survive. And a country cannot be affected in the long run by economy and politics. Can be influenced in the long run by culture. Many times intervention is not needed to affect. Because their native representatives work to implement their objectives and goals. The people of the country increasingly want to be like them by embracing their foreign culture; this is what civilization, modernity thinks. I don't like my own thoughts, customs and principles anymore. People then think by foreign culture. The people of Bangladesh, especially the students of private universities, even though they are citizens of this country, want to know the culture of the western world. By managing their minds, America has kept that mind alive by using Bangladeshi things. Born in Bangladesh; Growing up, their mother tongue is Bengali, Bengali as a nation, yet they cannot love the country, they love Western culture. Cultural aggression is carried out to control the thinking consciousness and ideals of the people. Impact of cultural aggression: The impact of any aggression is never good. And if it's a cultural aggression, it's even more horrific. Because the cultural aggression does not have to be applied again and again. Once a society or country is influenced by culture, it becomes easier in the case of political and economic aggression. And cultural aggression is a very difficult and delicate matter. Cultural aggression is carried out in developing countries and the awareness and education needed to deal with such aggression is not the same. As a result, these countries suffered greatly as a result of cultural aggression. And since culture is associated with everything, the political aggression of these countries has a negative impact on cultural and economic aggression in all social spheres. As a result, these countries can never be self-sufficient. Cultural aggression plays a huge role in the political economy of these countries. Cultural aggression is a threat to sovereignty. They protect their own interests by stifling the independence of the state. They force the government to take anti-national decisions. And there is a native class created by them to support the imperialists. They do not hesitate to work against the independence of the country to protect their own interests and these are the cultures they have learned from the imperialists. Cultural aggression creates division in society. As a result of cultural aggression, capitalists turned education into a commodity. They introduced several types of education system in the society and through it divided the nation. In the name of cultural exchange, in the name of improving the quality of education, they are creating their own slaves. They started English medium schools, colleges and universities to create like-minded people. Not only this, it also teaches them how to build their culture. Education is not given for the welfare of the country. On the one hand good business was done and on the other hand people of their culture were created. If we talk about any movement in the national interest or democracy today, these western minded students will not be found. Again, if we talk about any seminar for getting education abroad, there is no shortage of these students. The situation is the same in every country that is a victim of cultural aggression. Why do we need to think? The answer is that foreign culture has taken people to the point where they think that everything foreign is good, best and standard. Thinks person-centered and consumerist rather than self-interested. With the help of these media, they have penetrated into the people. As a result of cultural aggression, patriots have not been created in the country but traitors who do not hesitate to harm the country for their own self-interest. They have no love for the country, they have no thoughts for the country. He loves the foreign state and tries to follow everything from its literature, language, food, clothing, customs, customs, ethics, and basics to the local literature, language, customs, customs, and clothing. Now when our children see Katun Doraemon of India, their love for Hindi language is born. We like fashion when we see the bird dress shown in the Indian TV serial Rashi. We know about Katrina dress, we know about Dhoom-2 pants. I have no hatred for any culture. In this way, the developing countries of the world are being negatively attacked by cultural aggression. Today people have no affection, no respect, and no interest in the mother tongue. English language aggression is going on in the world now. In developing countries, English is now given prominence in public-private affairs. Cultural aggression has become easier because of the English language. And through this people can be easily influenced. The English language is no longer the language but has become a great tool and means of communication for the exploitation of the imperialists. The aggression of the English language is not only for the developing countries but the languages of many small nationalities are becoming extinct today due to the domination of English. The powerful countries of Europe are also the victims of English aggression. The influence of the English language is growing in South America. And the sole dominance of the English language in Asia and Africa. Cultural aggression plays a big role in creating social problems. Divorce, distrust of family, free sex, homosexuality are all problems that come from the West. They have created these problems in the world. The arms trade is booming by showing violence through the media and movies. They mainly promote weapons by showing war and action movies. They sell the movie to increase the sale of liquor. With the help of the movie, the liquor market is increased. In response, the movie has the biggest role in the growth of the world liquor market. Sex is shown as a commodity in movies or in various literatures. The sex trade has also spread through cultures around the world. The aggression of subculture goes in the name of cultural exchange. Today, various concerts have been invented to kill them. The introduction of different days to increase the sales of their products. They have introduced Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. There is no reason to be happy to hear their names. Because the purpose of these days is to increase the sales of products. Humans are imported in the name of cultural exchange. They import two types of people: 1. the most meritorious and 2. The working class. They take advantage of themselves by giving ginger of culture and by destroying the politics and economy of other countries by cultural aggression, they take advantage. In conclusion, cultural aggression is currently being used as a tool for the economic and political prosperity of developed countries. It is also used as a tool of exploitation for developing and underdeveloped countries. Cultural aggression is currently creating problems in world politics, economy and society. However, the problem is the poor countries. Poor countries are said to be fighting cultural aggression and rich countries are using it to establish imperialism in the name of cultural aggression. In this way, cultural aggression has become important for both rich and poor countries.

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