Is there any demand for improved cooking stoves? Evidence from Bangladesh

Author:- Debasish Kumar Das, Md Sariful Islam, Champa Bati Dutta, Md Mehedi Hassan, Sk Sharafat Hossena
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Economics Discipline
School:- Social Science School


Despite the multifarious benefits of improved cooking stoves (ICSs) over traditional biomass stoves, the ICSs adoption rate in rural Bangladesh remains nominal. This paper provides evidence that there is a growing demand for this environmentally friendly and less-hazardous stove. Using a discrete choice experiment (DCE) technique, we surveyed 259 sample households in the south-western region of Bangladesh. The results from the mixed logit model suggest that households are willing to pay (WTP) about $7 on average for a ‘realistic’ (i.e., one unit or 25 %) reduction in fuel consumption and smoke emission. Moreover, we found that a one-unit (33 %) reduction of cooking time and maintenance frequency increases households' WTP by about $3 and $5 respectively. Finally, this study underscores that extensive promotion, lower installation costs and higher social awareness about health risks and environmental degradation are likely to promote ICSs adoption.

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