Socio-economic factors associated with increased neonatal mortality: A mixed-method study of Bangladesh and 20 other developing countries based on demographic and health survey data

Author:- Md. Akhtarul Islam, Biva Biswas
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Statistics Discipline
School:- Science, Engineering & Technology School


 Neonatal mortality is a significant pointer of a country’s level of socio-economic development and quality of life. The neonatal mortality rate reduction is an important goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as it is decreasing slowly but surely compare to under-five mortality in developing countries. This study desired to determine the prevalence of neonatal mortality and its associated risk factors in developing countries. Methods: This study used the latest DHS data of 21 different developing countries, including Bangladesh. Logistic regression model and Meta –Analysis techniques were used in this study. Results: A logistic regression model reveals that, for Bangladesh mother’s higher-level education (OR: 0.591; CI: 0.401–0.872)and father’s higher-level education (OR: 0.352; CI: 0.135–0.915), better wealth status (OR: 0.467; CI: 0.275–0.795), being 2nd born and above order neonate (OR: 0.329; CI: 0.216–0.501), above 19 years for delivery (OR: 0.51; CI: 0.341–0.763), being female neonate (OR: 0.352; CI: 0.253–0.49), ANC visit, (OR: 0.206; CI: 0.144–0.296), media access (OR: 0.590; CI: 0.391–0.891) were statistically significant predictors of lowering neonatal death. While being twin birth (OR: 8.815; CI: 4.057–19.153) is revealed as a risk factor of neonatal mortality. These results were justified by meta-analyses for the developing countries as well. Conclusion: In this study, mother’s and father’s lower education level, poor wealth status, being 1st born neonate, early maternal age, being male neonate, being twin birth, having no ANC visit, no media access was found to be statistically significant influencing factors of neonatal death in developing countries.  

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