Poverty and childhood malnutrition: Evidence-based on a nationally representative survey of Bangladesh

Author:- Md. Ashfikur Rahman, Henry Ratul Halder, Md. Sazedur Rahman, Mahmood Parvez
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Development Studies Discipline
School:- Social Science School


Malnutrition contributes to children’s morbidity and mortality, and the situation undermines the economic growth and development of Bangladesh. Malnutrition is associated with lower levels of education that decrease economic productivity and leads to poverty. The global burden of malnutrition continues to be unacceptably high amid social and economic growth, including in Bangladesh. Therefore, identifying the factors associated with childhood malnutrition and poverty is necessary to stop the vicious cycle of malnutrition leaded poverty. The study utilized the 2017–18 Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS), accumulating 7,738 mother-child pairs. Associations between potential risk factors and nutritional status were determined using chi-square tests, and multivariate logistic regression models were utilized on significant risk factors to measure their odds ratio (OR) with their 95% confidence intervals (CI). 

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