Health cost of exposure to passive smoking: evidence from Khulna city of Bangladesh

Author:- Nishad Nasrin and Sk. Faijan Bin Halim
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Economics Discipline
School:- Social Science School


This study attempts to estimate the health cost of non-smokers who are indirectly treated as smokers. A total of 185 respondents were surveyed by random sampling technique from Khulna City, Bangladesh. The result reveals that about 39% respondents are exposed to tobacco smoke inside their house. Predictors such as chain smoker, smoking behaviour, exposure to passive smoking and average suffering days have a positive impact whereas, education, monthly income, sex, awareness of diseases, averting actions and eating healthy food have a negative impact on either the probability of facing or on the consequences of Smoking Borne Diseases (SBDs) to the passive smoker. The estimated illness cost is around US$ 44 per episode of illness. This study recommends that awareness through education, participation of NGOs, averting actions, balanced diet charts, along with the effective role of broadcasting media are considered to be momentous to stop smoking and develop better immune capacity against SBDs.

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