Farmers' perception on fig (Ficus carica) cultivation in southwest Bangladesh.

Author:- R. Ara, S.A.K.U. Khan, Md.M. Islam
Category:- Journal; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Agrotechnology Discipline
School:- Life Science School


Exotic fig cultivars have shown the potential to replace the wilds that grow spontaneously in Bangladesh. These exotic fig cultivars bear fruit all year round. Exotic figs would be a new fruit crop in Bangladesh, having the capability of meeting some of the nutritional requirements of Bangladesh citizens. However, assessing the farmers' perception about fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivation is necessary, prior to introducing these exotic figs as a new fruit crop. A survey was conducted using a pretested interview questionnaire from 300 randomly selected respondents from six unions of Khulna, Jashore and Satkhira district in Bangladesh. This study found the majority of respondents are willing to grow figs commercially (73%). About 57% could identify production problems. This signifies that a majority of respondents (57.3%) bears a higher level of perception in identification of the problems associated with fig cultivation. A good portion of the respondents showed from moderate (39%) to high (61%) level of perception, having the capabilities of selecting possible solutions to problems identified. Lack of quality seedlings was identified as major problem, scoring 739 out of 900 total possible score. Approximately 57% of respondents considered the problems identified as moderate severe. About 54.3% of respondents possess an overall clear perception in problem identification and possible solutions regarding fig cultivation. Among selected characteristics, age, extension media contact, educational qualifications, agricultural and fruit farming experience and cosmopolitanism, there was a significant correlation with the perception of the farmers.

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