Md. Alamgir Sarder
Assistant Professor

Welcome to my profile.

I am Md. Alamgir Sarder. My home district is in Khulna. I have completed my graduation and post graduation from Khulna University. Currently, I am serving as faculty member at Statistics Discipline, Khulna University from 30 November, 2020. My education start with Sutarkhali Gain para non-govt.(Registered) school as Primary education (2001-2005). I was passed secondary level education from Sutarkhali Secondary School(2006-2010). After completing my higher school certificate from Daulatpur college (Day-Night) (2011-2012), I was admitted at Statistics Discipline in Khulna university in 2013 as graduate student (2013-2017). Masters in Statistics was successfully completed from this discipline with first class first position in 2019. I am very much interested in research specially Public health, Bio-statistics, Bio-informatics and Machine learning.   

Academic Qualifications(Degree)

2018-2019Masters in Statistics Khulna University 
2013-2017Hon's in Statistics Khulna University 
2011-2012HSCDaulatpur College (Day-Night)
2006-2010SSCSutarkhali Secondary School 
2001-2005Primary Sutarkhali Gainpara Non-govt. (registered) Primary School  

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
1 Prevalence and determinant of child mortality in low and middle income country: A multilevel analysis
2 Correlates of depression, anxiety and stress among university students in Bangladesh Principal Investigator 20/11/2022 National
3 Determinants & prevalence projection of early marriage among Bangladeshi women: Findings from national survey Principal Investigator 16.01.2023 16.01.2023
4 hhhh Principal Investigator 16.01.2023 16.01.2023 National


Lecturer2020-PresentKhulna university
2.Lecturer2017-2020Imperial college of Engineering

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Journal Article 


7. Ahammed, B., Sarder, M. A., Kundu, S., Keramat, S. A., & Alam, K. (2022). Multilevel exploration of individual-and community-level factors contributing to overweight and obesity among reproductive-aged women: A pooled analysis of Bangladesh demographic and health survey, 2004-2018Public Health Nutrition, 1-28. Publiser link

6.  Shanto, H. H., Zubayer, M. A, Khan, Z, Ahmed, S., Jishan, M., Roshid, H. or Sarder, M. A., & Ahammed, B. (2022). Factors affecting depression and stress among tertiary level students during the covid-19 pandemic: a web-based cross-sectional study in BangladeshKhulna University Studies, 640–651.  Publiser link


5. Al‐Zubayer MA, Ahammed B, Sarder MA, Kundu S, Majumder UK, Shariful Islam SMDouble and triple burden of non‐communicable diseases and its determinants among adults in Bangladesh: Evidence from a recent demographic and health survey. International Journal of Clinical Practice. 2021 Jul 8:e14613. doi: Publiser Link 

4. Sarder MA, Islam SM, Talukder A, Ahammed B. Prevalence of unintended pregnancy and its associated factors: Evidence from six south Asian countriesPlos one2021 Feb 1;16(2):e0245923. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0245923  Publisher Link


3.Sarder MA, Alauddin S, Ahammed B. Determinants of teenage marital pregnancy among bangladeshi women: An analysis by the cox proportional hazard model. Social Health and Behavior. 2020 Oct 1;3(4):137. doi: 10.4103/SHB.SHB_57_20 Publisher Link

2. Sarder MA, M Maniruzzaman, Ahammed B. Feature Selection and Classification of Leukemia Cancer Using Machine Learning Techniques. Machine Learning Research. Vol. 5, No. 2, 2020, pp. 18-27. doi: 10.11648/j.mlr.20200502.11 Publisher Link


1. Sarder MA and Kabir R. Assessing the Impact of Prognostic Factors on the Survival Time of Cancer Patients: Cox Proportional Hazard Model. Med J Clin Trials Case Stud 2019, 3(5): 000242. doi:10.23880/mjccs-16000242 Publisher Link

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