About Statistics Discipline

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) program given by the statistics discipline Khulna University is one of Bangladesh's most distinguished undergraduate statistics degrees. Statistics is a branch of Mathematics concerned with collecting, classifying, and interpreting a group of facts according to their relative number and determining specific values that represent the characteristics of the group. In the present world, statistics is an essential subject to us in our daily lives. Its importance and scope dominate the practical spheres of life in the laboratory. Statistics has become inevitable as state affairs as in medical science, in predicting the weather, in the knowledge of the condition of the share markets. Improving a better understanding of statistical resources will require significant contributions from academicians, researchers, scientists, politicians, and people of all stakes. Statistics Discipline initiated academic activities in 2012 to meet these needs to produce quality statistician professionals. The curriculum is intended to give students an outcome-based education, and the inclusion of diverse general education courses will help them widen their knowledge, analysis and ethics. Statistics is a pioneering discipline of the Science, Engineering, and Technology Science School, offering a four-year Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Statistics. This Discipline provides excellent education and research in physical science and public health, which will help ensure the long-term management of existing resources. It has also focused in the curriculum and courses on probability, sampling, time series, inference, regression, experimental design, multivariate analysis, data mining, and a balanced emphasis on fundamental statistics disciplines. The curriculum is specifically designed to generate proficient statistics professionals who can think critically and lead. The Discipline has produced a considerable number of high-quality statisticians since its inception. Graduates of this subject have already made a name for themselves in both professional and non-professional work markets. Our graduates are prepared to face the countries and the world's future resource concerns and environmental issues.