Welcome to Education Discipline

To develop skilled professionals in the different fields of education, Education Discipline started offering the four-year Bachelor of Education (Honors) in the education year 2018–2019. This degree is equivalent to other honors degrees offered by the different disciplines of Khulna University as well as other public universities.

Currently the program has two academic streams, namely science education stream and social science education stream.

One of the features of this four-year degree is that the learner takes the subjects Bangla, English and ICT (information and communications technology) compulsorily along with the professional courses on education. Having a good language skill combined with a good working knowledge of ICT enables the learner to compete in the current age with aplomb.

Academic Activities:

As of 2020, Education Discipline runs the following programs:

·        Four-Year Bachelor of Education (Honors) Degree Awarded: BEd (Hons.)

·        One-and-a-Half-Year Master of Education Degree Awarded: MEd

·        One-Year Post-Graduate Diploma in Education Degree Awarded: PGDEd