Brief History of Education Discipline, Khulna University

The Institute of Education and Research is one of the several institutes of Khulna University. Institute of Education and Research (IER) was established in 2015 following the resolution no. 9 of the 180th meeting of the Khulna University syndicate. The academic activities of IER started in July 2017 by opening a one-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDEd) and a one-and-a-half-year Master of Education (MEd) programs directed toward primary and secondary  level school teachers. The four-year Bachelor of Education (Honors) was introduced in January 2019. This also marks the commencing of the bachelor program at IER. Institute of Educational and Research operates as a prime higher education institution offering undergraduate and graduate degrees on education, conducting educational research as well as participating in the teaching-learning discourse. Following the Khulna University Act 1990, article 28, sub-article 1 (Ja), the resolution no. 20 of the 198th meeting of the Khulna University syndicate established the School of Education, and gave Institute of Education and Research the status of a discipline under it. The Academic Council Meeting 179 resolution no. 54 syndicate 221th Name of  Discipline is Education Discipline.