Welcome to Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Discipline

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) discipline started its journey under Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) School of Khulna University in 1997. With a view to provide tertiary education in the field of modern engineering and technology genre, Electronics and Communication Engineering is included for the first time in Bangladesh at the undergraduate level. At present, the discipline is offering bachelor, master and PhD degree.

With 11 professors, 05 associate professors and 04 assistant professors, the discipline has total 21 faculty members. Beside the academic staff, there is a team of 7 office staffs to assist in the administrative tasks of the entity. The discipline is housed in Satyendranath Bose Academic building and have 4 fully furnished classrooms. The classrooms are equipped with air conditioners, multimedia projectors and WiFi facility to provide better learning environment for the students. There are 5 labs at present named, Electronics lab, Electrical Technology lab, Communication lab, Bio-medical Engineering lab and Simulation Engineering lab to conduct sessional courses.

Contact: +88-02 477 734 202