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Determinants of the academic performance of undergraduate students: A case study on Khulna University

Internationally, substantial studies are conducted to analyze the factors affecting the academic performance of the students. Yet in Khulna, Bangladesh this study is still uninvestigated. The goal of this study is, therefore, to identify and analyze the factors affecting the academic performance of Khulna University students, in Bangladesh. Data were collected from 2nd year and above year of undergraduate students of Khulna University using a simple random sampling procedure and obtained a sample of 366 respondents. All the variables were grouped into four factors. To analyze the data Pearson chi-square test was used to find the significant variables related to the academic performance and, multinomial logistic regression was also used to obtain the adjusted significant impact of independent variables on academic performance. The significant factors from the bivariate analysis were considered for multivariate analysis. Based on the findings from multinomial logistic regression analysis a list of variables namely under personal factor gender status, relationship status, residence status was found to have a significant impact on academic performance, under socio-economic factor father's educational status, mother's educational Status mother's occupational status had a significant impact, under academic activities factor regular study status, class attendance status, English proficiency status, and library visit status had a significant impact and under social and habitual factors involvement in extra-curricular activities, smoking habit status, time spend on social networking had a significant impact on academic performance. Using MFA academic activities factors and social and habitual factors were found strongly related to academic performance. Hence the study concluded that academic activities factors and social and habitual factors have a strong significant impact on academic performance than socio-economic factors and personal factors.

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Rabeya Kumkum ID: 162009; Zannatul Islam Tasnim ID: 162010; Md. Akib Al-Zubayer Emu ID: 162021

Start Date 2019
End Date 2020