Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline

Forests can make significant contributions to the economy and provide multiple products and services that support livelihoods and protect the environment. It also makes significant contribution to biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation. However, forests and forest resources of Bangladesh have been changing rapidly due to the land use changes and social demands. The protection and production functions of forest must be sustained through sound forest management. Sound management requires quality forestry professional with cutting-edge education and knowledge. Hence, Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline launched its academic activities in 1992 with a view to produce quality forestry professionals.


The opening of Forestry and Wood Technology Discipline of Khulna University has been well thought and appropriate because of its close proximity to the Sundarbans, the largest single tract mangrove forests of the world, which accounts for 40% of the state-owned forest in Bangladesh. It is well known for its amazingly rich biodiversity and protection against the natural calamities. This is very crucial time for us to protect such important resources to save our life and property. Therefore, our faculties are continuously focusing researches on the Sundarbans. Given the geographic considerations, our mission is to provide quality education and research on mangroves, social and agroforestry, forest tree improvement and forest products innovation and utilization along with due and balanced thrust in core forestry areas in curriculum and courses.


Forestry and Wood Technology discipline is one of the pioneer disciplines of Khulna University and second institution of its kind in Bangladesh offering a 4-year Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Forestry, 1-year Master in Forestry and also offering PhD degree. The discipline is conducting timely and country needed research in the field of forest science and wood technology that contributes to the sustainable management of forest resources. The program is specially designed to produce competent professionals who are able to think critically and lead in forest science and wood technological development. The multidisciplinary approach in education, research and entrepreneurship enable our faculty and students to work closely with industry, governments and academia to address the current issues in forest science and wood technology. We groom our students with great care and innovative thinking in forestry. While focusing on innovative education in forestry, the learning process places great emphasis on close cooperation between teachers and students to meet the constant challenges of forest science and wood technology. Our education can help you understand how to grasp the present and enlighten your future. Since its inception, the discipline has produced a large number quality forestry professional. Graduates of this discipline have already acquired fame in professional arenas as well as in non-professional job markets. Our graduates are competent to meet the future challenges of forestry and environmental issues of the country and the globe as a whole.


The discipline has twenty-four faculty members. Most of them received their higher degrees (MS & PhD) from World reputed universities. Most of the faculties are engaged in country demand and need based research in forest science and wood technology especially forest ecology, biodiversity, agro-forestry, forest governance, bio-energy, bio-based nanocomposites which have already earned recognition both nationally and internationally. The faculties also handled a good number of funded projects including World Bank, FAO, USAID, The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Ministry of Education, Bangladesh, Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh and so on. FWT discipline has established six world class laboratories namely Nutrient dynamics Lab, Bio-nanomaterial Lab, Wood analysis lab, Wood Products lab, Bio-energy lab and Eco-physiology Lab with ample of most modern equipment. We have built linkage with various forest related organizations namely Forest Department, Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI), Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Cooperation (BFIDC) and Wood-based Industries in Bangladesh. Besides, we have collaborated with different universities and research organizations in home and abroad. We have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Bio-materials center, LIPI, Research Institute of Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH), Kyoto University, Japan.