Assessing Tree Coverage and the Direct and Mediation Effect of Tree Diversity on Carbon Storage through Stand Structure in Homegardens of Southwestern Bangladesh

Author:- Md Mizanur Rahman, Gauranga Kumar Kundu, Md Enamul Kabir, Heera Ahmed and Ming Xu
Category:- Book; Year:- 2021
Discipline:- Forestry & Wood Technology Discipline
School:- Life Science School


Dealing with two major challenges, climate change mitigation and biodiversity loss, under the same management program, is more noteworthy than addressing these two separately. Homegardens, a sustainable agroforestry system and a home of diverse species, can be a possible choice to address these two issues. In this study, we assessed tree coverage, and the direct and indirect effects of tree diversity on carbon storage in different carbon pools through stand structure in homegardens of southwestern Bangladesh, using Sentinel 2 and field inventory data from 40 homesteads in eight villages. An unsupervised classification method was followed to assess homegardens’ tree coverage. We found a high tree coverage (24.34% of total area of Dighalia) in homesteads, with a high overall accuracy of 96.52%. The biomass and soil organic carbon (p < 0.05) varied significantly among the eight villages, while total carbon stock did not vary significantly (p > 0.05). Shannon diversity had both direct and indirect effects on biomass carbon, upper layer soil organic carbon and total carbon storage, while basal area mediated the indirect effect. Both basal area and tree height had positive effects on biomass carbon and total carbon storage, with basal area having the strongest effect. These findings suggest that we must maintain higher diversity and tree height in order to maximize and sustain carbon storage, where tree diversity increases stand basal area and improves total carbon storage (including soil organic) in homegardens. Therefore, privately managed homegardens could be a potential nature-based solution for biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation in Bangladesh.

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