Md. Sharif Hasan Limon

M.Sc. in European Forestry, University of Eastern Finland, Finland & University of Freiburg, Germany

M.Sc. in Forestry, Khulna University, Bangladesh

Forest Ecology,Mangrove Ecology, Silviculture, Urban Forestry, Biodiversity

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
1 Effect of Physical and Chemical control measures on S. trilobata: an alien invasive plant.
2 Floristic Features and Ethno botanic use of plants available in Homestead Gardens in Shyamnagar upazilla of Satkhira districts
3 Do radio frequencies from mobile phone base stations affect the productivity of Cocos nucifera?
4 Biodiversity assessment through field survey in association with remotely sensed data and GIS in selected coastal areas adjacent to the Sundarbans” Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Conservation in Coastal Protection Forests (SDBC-Sundarbans)
5 An investigation of drought tolerance of two common plantation tree species during germination and growth at seedling stage: a climate change adaptation strategy
6 Coordinated project on improvement of agroforestry practices for better livelihood and environment: KU Component.
7 Effect of water stress on germination and seedling growth of Swietenia macrophylla King, Pithecellobium dulce (Roxb.) Benth. and Acacia nilotica Linn.
8 Carbon Sequestration, Salt Tolerance and Growth of the Major Timber Species of the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest and their Restoration Prospects in the Context of Climate Change
9 Above ground biomass and nutrient dynamics (N,P and K) associated with harvesting of Ceriops decandra in the Sundarbans mangrove forest of Bangladesh
10 Studies on the impact of shrimp farm effluent on mangrove ecosystem with particular reference to soil and plant growth

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
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