Dr. Jamil Ahmad Shilpi

After completion of my B Pharm (Hons) and M Pharm (thesis) from University of Dhaka in 2001, I joined Khulna University in 2002 as a lecturer at Pharmacy Discipline. Later I completed my PhD from University of Strathclyde in 2009. My PhD project was focused on the antibacterial activity of natural products from Bangladeshi medicinal plants. Later I worked as a Bright Sparks Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre for Natural Products  and Drug Discovery,  University Malaya from 2013 to 2015.

My current research focuses on evidence based bioactivity study of native medicinal plants, plants of the Sundarbans and bioactivity directed chromatographic separation of natural products.

My teaching areas are natural products of therapeutic value, pharmaceutical analysis, drug discovery from natural sources.

Web of Science ResearcherID: AAI-9213-2020; h-index: 25

ORCID author ID: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8938-9240; Scopus h-index: 27;

Google scholar h-index: 37

AD Scientific Index: https://www.adscientificindex.com/scientist.php?id=554760

PhD (Natural products)

2005- 2009: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

M. Pharm (Thesis)

2000-2001: University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

B. Pharm (Hons.)

1995-1999: University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Current projects are focused on medicinal plants used in ethnomedicinal practice in Bangladesh; mangrove plants, fungal endophytes, soil bacteria from the Sundarbans mangrove forest. Samples selected upon intensive study of their ethnobotanical uses are investigated by established in-vitro and in-vivo models to justify their traditional use. Promising plants are then subjected to chromatographic and spectroscopic analyses to identify the active principle(s). 

Evidence based in silico bioactivity screening of natural products.


Creation of a library of compounds produced by mangrove plants of the Sundarbans to serve as a source of reference for researchers and in silico screening of the library for anticancer drug discovery. Funded by Ministry of Education (2022-2025, BDT 1628000/-)


GC-MS Analysis of Essential Oils with their Antibiofilm, Efflux Pump Inhibitory Activity Investigation by In vitro and In silico Methods. Funded by Khulna University (2022-2024, BDT 450000/-)

Vice president

PSE-NPS 2020 Summit, 16-18 January 2020, Khulna University, jointly organized by Phytochemical society of Europe and Pharmacy Discipline, Khulna University.

DSPM and member

Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) of UGC, Bangladesh funded by World Bank, (2017-2018); approx. value USD 200000, Title: Development of blended teaching and learning facility to produce quality pharmacy graduates for meeting 21st century challenges

Principal Investigator

Ministry of Education, Bangladesh funded project (2016-2019); TitleExploring fungal endophytes from the Sundarbans mangrove forest as a potential source of anticancer and antimicrobial drug discovery

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Apr’ 2013-Mar’ 2015, Centre for Natural Products and Drug Discovery (CENAR), University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Oct’ 2005-Sept’ 2009, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G4 0RE, UK

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Natural Products Chemistry and Drug Discovery

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substances to combat cancer.
6. A strategy for rapid identification of Novel Therapeutic leads from Natural Products.
7. Marine Natural Products as leads to develop new drugs and insecticides. Commercialization of
Plant-derived Natural Products as pharmaceuticals.
8. Naturally Occurring Free Radicals and Anti-oxidants: Hydrogen peroxide in biological system,
protection against oxidants in biological systems, superoxide theory and oxygen toxicity, Lipid
peroxidation- a free radical chain reaction, Free radical and toxicology, free radical as useful
species, Free radical in ageing and diseases like artereosclerosis, ischemic heart diseases, ageing
process and neurodegradative conditions.


Medicinal Chemistry III

Case history of specific drug design

a) Antihypertensive (β-blocker)

b) H2-blocker

c) Semisynthetic penicillin

d) Quinolone derivatives

e) Antidiabetic drugs

f) Cephalosporins

4. Drug design and discovery: Source of drugs, Cost and place of development of drugs, Search of new drugs.

Course learning outcome:

Describe the history of different drug development and identify their sources.

Prepare them for research in new drug development


Pharmaceutical Analysis-IV

4.       Fluorometry and flame photometry

Theoretical considerations, instrumentations, factors influencing intensity of fluorescence, applications in pharmaceutical analysis.

5.       X-ray crystallography

X-rays and diffraction of X-rays by crystals, Bragg’s law, powder diffraction patterns, methods of measurements and analytical applications of X-ray diffraction.

6.       Radiochemical methods of analysis

Fundamentals of radioactivity, natural and induced measurements, principles of Geiger-Muller and scintillation counters, radio-activation and isotope dilution analysis, characterization of radioisotopes, isotope and radioisotope methodology, use of radioisotope in pharmaceutical research.

7.       Polarography: Introduction, theoretical principles, diffusion current and half wave potential, quantitative techniques.

  • Natural Products Chemistry and Drug Discovery
  • Medicinal Chemistry III
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis-IV