Vision and Mission

Vision: Conservation and management of soil, water and environment for achieving healthy ecosystems and to ensure food, water and nutrition security for the survival of all forms of life which is the strategy and global initiatives of the SDGs.


To recruit top quality students, educate, graduate and transform them into skilled academic and research leaders in the domain of soil, plant, water and environmental sciences through offering progressive courses for the benefit of regional, national and global users and consumers.

To build partnership, research collaboration, student-faculty exchange programs, among national and international institutions for the formulation of integrated intervention appreciating present and future crises and respond for improving ecosystem services, natural resource balance and agricultural productivity in order to enhance the quality of habitat for plant, animal and human well-being.

To research and develop new knowledge (methods, tools, techniques, plans, framework, and policy) for sustainable use of soil, plant and water resources, transfer to the end-users (farmers), share and disseminate among partners and stakeholders, make policy and implement for controlling environmental degradation and combating climate change.