Tasnia Tahsin Shuha

Tasnia Tahsin Shuha completed her B.S.S (Honours) and M.S.S degree in Sociology from University of Dhaka. She has joined as a Lecturer at Sociology Discipline of Khulna University on 24th October, 2022. 

  • Master of Social Sciences (MSS) in Sociology, University of Dhaka (2019)
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Sociology, University of Dhaka (2015-2018)

Social Media, Education, Gender studies, Employability.

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
No Research Project Available

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
1 Title: The effects of Gender Stereotypes on Career Choice; A study in Khulna University. Bachelor Supervisor March, 2023 December, 2023

No Data Available

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Bangladesh Studies

This course intends to serve students with country's history, population, culture, geography. environment, economy and development so that they can develop a profound understanding about Bangladesh and evaluate status of major sectors related to achieving the development of Bangladesh.

Political Sociology

This course is designed to introduce students with the sociological analysis of basic political concepts and issues. It also examines a number of key themes and theories government and politics.


Urban Sociology

This course is intended to introduce the students to a set of key theoretical paradigms to assess how and why cities were evolved, how they are structured and operate, and how city dwellers behave within city environment and deal with contemporary problems of city life. It also examines the trend and patterns of urbanization in both developed and developing countries, the social problems that cities are currently facing as well as the policies and planning they are devising to deal with multifaceted issues, with an emphasis on Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh Studies
  • Political Sociology
  • Urban Sociology