About Discipline of Sociology, Khulna University

Since inception, it offers a wide range of courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, like population, gender, minorities, health, development, poverty, environment, disaster management, education, social policies, government and politics, urban and rural issues, human rights and law, which serve to broaden the understanding of all students in their respective interest. Moreover, these courses upgrade the quality of students in dealing with practical issues of the society. This Discipline has always been a center for highly qualified team of sociologists trained mostly in the leading universities of home and abroad with extensive academic and field experiences. Faculties of the Discipline are committed to the development of the nation addressing fundamental sociological theories and questions about the empirical world. 

In an ever-changing environment, the Discipline strives to provide students with diverse educational experiences, including traditional studio activities and applied fieldwork. Students of the Discipline, under close supervision, are engaged in both quantitative and qualitative research through advanced statistical modeling to explain the contemporary social, economic, political and cultural issues of the world and Bangladesh in particular. The Discipline has a seminar library having more than 15,000 books and journals on different issues of both national and global perspectives. Both students and teachers of this Discipline are involved in different co-curricular activities.