Mission and Vision

 Vision of the Discipline

English Discipline envisions to produce successive generations of future-ready graduates with mastery in English studies and glocal perspectives to cope with challenges of the contemporary world and perform proactively in the ever-changing knowledge-based society.

 Mission of the Discipline


To produce quality graduates in English language, linguistics, and literature so that they can utilize their acquired knowledge for personal development and professional purposes;


To develop human potential to its highest degree through inquisitiveness, creativity, and motivation among the graduates of English Discipline;


To encourage graduates to build career in teaching, research, authorship, entrepreneurship, translation, journalism, civil service, and non-government organizations;


To motivate the students to contribute to sustainable social and national development through their acquired knowledge and future career;


To inculcate human, moral, and ethical values in the graduates so that they can contribute to individual, social, national, and global welfare irrespective of race, religion, and culture.