Md. Samyul Haque




    English Discipline, Kobi Jibanananda Das Academic Building, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh

MA in English (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh), BA (Hons.) in English (Aligarh Muslim University, India)

Language policy and planning, Endangered languages, Sociolinguistics, English as an international language, Bilingual education, Educational equity 

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
1 Language policy of Bangladesh and its impact: A case study on the Munda ethnic minority community of the Sundarbans region. Principal Investigator 2021 2022 National

October 2019 to date: Professor, English Discipline, Khulna University

October 2014 to October 2019 : Associate Professor, English Discipline, Khulna University

May 2009 to October 2014: Assistant Professor, English Discipline, Khulna University

August 2008 to May 2009: Fulbright Visiting Faculty, North Carolina State University, USA

February 2007 to August 2008: Assistant Professor, English Discipline, Khulna University

December2003 to  February 2007: Lecturer, English Discipline, Khulna University

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
No Supervision Available

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Haque, M..S. (2018) The Role and Status of English in Bangladesh, The Comilla University Journal of Arts, 6(4), 115-120.

Haque, M.S., Mamun S.A. & Anis, M.A.R. (2018) Present Situation of Minority Languages in Bangladesh: A New Hope.  Journal of Science and Technology, 8 (1 & 2), 137-142.

Haque, M.S. Rahman,M. & Mamun, S.A. (2015) Role of internationalization for the expansion of English in different contexts of higher education. The Islamic University Studies, 15(2), 163-171

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Haque, M.S. (2010). Language Attitude towards the Minority Languages of Bangladesh. Journal of Socioeconomic Research and Development, 7(4).

Haque, M.S., Sultana, F.S., & Wasimul, A. (2010). Continuous Professional Development: An Issue in Tertiary Education in Bangladesh. Language in India, 10 (9).

Haque, M.S., & Barua,S. (2010). Humanistic Approach in Teaching Taboo Language, Journal of Socioeconomic Research and Development, 7(4)


Eng 1205 Reading and Writing

Section – B

  1. Understanding academic writing: Features of academic writing; Elements of academic writing; Approaches to writing: Product and Process; Generating ideas for a writing task; Logically synthesizing and organizing diverse information; Developing focus in academic writing; Drafting and supporting ideas with evidence; Integrating data and graphics in texts; Maintaining academic style; Revising, critiquing and evaluating texts

 2.  Modes of writing: Descriptive writing, Argumentative writing, Narrative writing, Comparative and contrastive writing

3.  Writing tasks: paragraph, essay, summary, précis, abstract, letter of application, assignments, examination paper writing and writing & designing presentation slides


Eng 3209 English and the Media

Section – A

 1. Theories of communication

 2. Nature, purpose and special features of media communication

 3. Language as communication

 4. Politics of media communication and communication ethics

 5. English in media in Bangladesh: an imported world


Eng L5201 Sociolinguistics

Section – B

 1. Language and Social Inequalities: Age, Sex, Social Class, Ethnicity, Identity, Power, Global English

2.  Speech Communities and Language Acquisition and Learning; Linguistic Minorities and Linguistic Rights

3.  Language Planning and Policy; Language Policies of Bangladesh

  • Eng 1205 Reading and Writing
  • Eng 3209 English and the Media
  • Eng L5201 Sociolinguistics