Room # 3371, Sociology Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna 9208

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Chanda (ড. সঞ্জয় কুমার চন্দ)
Associate Professor

2018-2023    PhD in Healthcare 

                     University of Leeds, United Kingdom

2013-2015    Mgr. in Sociology

                     Masaryk University, Czech Republic

2009-2010    MSS in Sociology

                      Khulna University, Bangladesh

2003-2007    BSS in Sociology

                     Khulna University,Bangladesh

  • Healthcare service access of women
  • Climate change and adaptation strategies
  • Gender differenceiation in education

Current Research Project/Collaboration

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Published research papers:

1.       Chanda, S. K., Kabir, Md. R., Roy, T., Shohel, T. A., Howlader, Md. H., & Razu, S. R. (2022). Sociocultural Costs of the Long-term COVID-19 Outbreak in Bangladesh: A Systematic Review. SAGE Open, 12(4).

2.       Howlader, M.H., Roshid, H.O., Kundu, S. Halder, H.R., Chanda, S.K., Rahman, M.A. (2022) Determinants associated with high-risk fertility behaviours among reproductive aged women in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study. Reproductive Health 19(17).

3.       Razu, S. R, Hasan, M. K, Ela, M. Z, Nishu, N. A, Sikder, R., Rahman, M. A., Chanda, S. K. 2022. “While we work in extreme heat, our bosses work in air-conditioned rooms.” Exploring the health and safety of garment workers in factories in Bangladesh. International Public Health Journal. Vol. 14(2): 121-130.

4.       Polly A., Chanda S.K., Roy T., (2021) Response to extreme climatic event: a case study of coastal community from southeast Bangladesh. Khulna University Studies 17(1 & 2): 89-104.

5.       Hossain MT., Ahammed B., Chanda S.K., Jahan N., Ela MZ., Islam MN. (2020) Social and electronic media exposure and generalized anxiety disorder among people during COVID-19 outbreak in Bangladesh: A preliminary observation. PLOS ONE 15(9): e0238974.

6.       Chanda S.K., Ahammed B., Howlader M.H., Ashikuzzaman M., Shovo T-E-A., & Hossain MT. (2020) Factors associating different antenatal care contacts of women: A cross-sectional analysis of Bangladesh demographic and health survey 2014 data. PLOS ONE 15(4): e0232257.

7.       Chanda, S.K. (2020) Cyclone Aila and Coping Strategies of the Coastal Households in Southern Bangladesh. Bangladesh e-journal of Sociology, 17(1): 85-105.

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12.    Chanda, S. K. (2015). Gender and life satisfaction in the Czech Republic. Gender Studies, 13(1):131–151. doi:10.1515/genst-2015-0010

13.    Chanda, S. K., Razu, S.R., & Shrin, S. (2013). Educational status of mothers and their pre-natal and post-natal care of infants in Bangladesh. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS), 10(6):40-46. Retrieved from

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18.    Hossain, M. T., Jabbar, M.A., & Chanda, S.K. (2010). Effects of shrimp cultivation on the socio-economic conditions of the shrimp cultivators in South-western region of Bangladesh. Journal of Socioeconomic Research and Development (JSERD), 7(5):936-944.

19.    Chanda, S. K., & Jabbar, M.A. (2010). Some differentials of reproductive health of the married women in Bangladesh. Khulna University Studies, 10 1&2):283-292. Retrieved from 


Book Chapters:

1.       Chanda (2023). Developing a behaviour change intervention using the Behaviour Change Wheel to increase community participation in the local level disaster management process in Bangladesh. In Nasreen et al. (Eds.), Coastal disaster risk management in Bangladesh: Vulnerability and resilience (pp.356-376). Routledge.

2.       Chanda, S.K. & Polly, A. (2020). Digitalization and innovation in health care. In V.P. Gupta (Ed.), Digitalisation and innovations in business (pp.1-9). Empyreal Publishing House. Retrieved from


Conference: Oral

1.       Chanda, S. K. (2023) Towards a healthcare access and use intervention for rural Bangladeshi women: Development of a logic model. The 1st International Conference on Social Science Issues., 27-28 January 2023, Social Science School, Khulna University.

2.       Chanda, S. K. (2021) Applying the Theoretical Domains Framework to identify sociocultural barriers and enablers to access and use of primary and maternal healthcare services by rural Bangladeshi women. The 8th International Conference on Social Sciences 2021, The International Institute of Knowledge Management, 14-15 October 2021, Online, Sri Lanka.

3.       Chanda, S. K. (2021) Using the Theoretical Domains Framework to identify sociocultural barriers and facilitators to access and use of primary and maternal healthcare services by rural Bangladeshi women. The 9th World Sustainability Forum, 13–15 Sep 2021, Online, Switzerland.

4.       Chanda, S. K. (2020) Factors Associated with Primary and Maternal Healthcare Services Accessibility and Utilization by Rural Dwelling Bangladeshi Women: A Literature Review. 4th ICSD International Conference on Sustainable Development, 18-19 February 2020, United International University, Dhaka.

5.       Chanda, S. K. (2018) Human Health Burden of Cyclone Aila Affected Region in Bangladesh. International Conference on South Asian Sociology & Beyond, 19-20th January 2018, Dept. of Sociology, University of Dhaka.

6.       Chanda, S. K. (2017) Access to Health Care Services of Married Women Rural in Bangladesh. 2nd Annual Conference on Social Research in Bangladesh.  4th November 2017. Bangladesh Institute of Social research Trust, Dhaka.

7.       Chanda, S. K. (2016) Climate Change and Coping Strategies of the Household-Dwellers in Bangladesh. International Conference on Sustainable Development, 3-4th February 2016, ULAB, Dhaka.


Conference: Poster

1.       Chanda, S. K. (2021) Associated determinants in accessing and using maternal healthcare services by rural Bangladeshi women: a literature review. WRDTP 10th annual conference: Professional Skills for PhD and post-PhD life, 22nd to 23rd June, University of Sheffield, UK

2.       Chanda, S. K. (2019) Factors associated with primary healthcare (including maternity services) accessibility and utilisation by rural dwelling Bangladeshi women: A literature review. Postgraduate research conference, 5th November 2019, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds, UK.

3.       Chanda, S. K. (2019) Barriers and facilitators to Bangladeshi women’s access and utilisation of healthcare services. Postgraduate research conference, 17th June 2019, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds, UK.

4.       Chanda, S. K. (2019) Determinants of healthcare accessibility and utilisation of women in Bangladesh: A systematic review. WRDTP 8th annual conference: The Sustainable Development Goals, 19th June 2019, University of Leeds, UK.

Book Review

1.       Chanda, S. K. (2015) Robert J. Holton and Bryan S. Turner, Max Weber on Economy and Society, New York, Routledge, 2011, 224 p. ISBN 978- 0415611176, HSS IV(1):139-143, DOI: 10.1515/hssr -2015-0009.