Vision and Mission

Vision: History and Civilization Discipline aspires to obtaining a special position in studying national and international history with a view to becoming the leading entity in the field of history and civilization studies in Bangladesh. The program emphasizes on nurturing academic and civic values, patriotism as well as intellectual exercise through historical analysis, research and creation of new knowledge. 

Mission: History being a multidimensional branch of knowledge adopts a multidisciplinary approach to enable students achieve a sound knowledge of society, economy, culture and politics not only from the past-based information but also from the knowledge of reconstructed present, paving the way for studying the future. The major strength of this program lies in its ability to help students acquire knowledge of national glories and failures which would in turn create in them a sense of patriotism inevitable for personal, national and international progress. This civic and intellectual promotion will be ensured through description, analysis and research of history. Implementation of theory and fieldwork based learning process will ensure creation of  new knowledge that Khulna University is strives to achieve.