Md. Robiul Alam Roni
Assistant Professor




    Room no. 3292, Kabi Jibanananda Das Academic Building, Khulna University, Khulna 9208.

1. M.A (Islamic Art, Architecture and Archaeology), Department of Islamic History and Culture, University of Dhaka.

2. B.A (Hon's)., Department of Islamic History and Culture, University of Dhaka.

Art History, Environmental History, Indian History, Bengal History, Numismatics, Museology, Archaeology, History of Europe, History of the Middle East, Ancient Civilization, Islamic Art and Architectural History, and the Emergence of Bangladesh. 

Current Research Project/Collaboration

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1. Roni, Md. Robiul Alam, †dbxi Pvu`MvRx f‚uBqv gmwR`: MVb‰kjx I ¯’vc‡Z¨i Drm AbymÜvb, Journal of Arts and Humanities, Arts and Humanities School, Khulna University, Vol-1, 2022, ISSN-2790-8313. Date of Publication: January 2022. As Chief Author. 

2. Conference Paper Presentation as Chief author,  Title: " Prospects and Challenges of Conserving Architectural Heritage Sites of Bangladesh: A case study on Mohammad Ali Mosque." 1st International conference on" Relevance of Humanities Studies in the Twenty-first Century" organized by Arts and Humanities School, Khulna University.