Economics Discipline, KU

The developing countries are continuously struggling to attain a better standard of living for their people. Bangladesh has already passed more than four decades since her independence, but still needs to go a long way to ensure a decent standard of living for its people. To move ahead, trained economists well equipped with knowledge and ideas can best contribute to utilizing resources of the country properly. The southwestern region of Bangladesh being naturally endowed with resource base, require innovative knowledge of an economist which can play an important role for its efficient utilization. The Economics Discipline of Khulna University has been trying to play a dominant role in this regard.

Khulna University, the outcome of a long-drawn movement of the people of southwestern region of Bangladesh, has launched different disciplines under different schools with the passage of time. In this chronology, Economics Discipline under Social Science School of the University started its journey in 1999 through offering a four-year Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) Honors in Economics program. In addition to this, the Discipline is currently offering an eighteen-month Master of Social Science (MSS) in Economics program and a sixteen-month Masters of Development Policy and Studies (MDPS) program with the aim of addressing the development issues of the south-western region of Bangladesh.

The Discipline is committed to produce skilled professional economists who will be best suited to the challenging world of the new millennium. Curriculum designing and syllabus modification is an important milestone for attaining that commitment. Hence, from time to time, attempts have been made to upgrade the contents of the syllabi of the ongoing programs to enrich them with the aim of producing quality product to meet the emerging challenges of national and international economies.