Professor, Economics Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna - 9208, Bangladesh

Dr. Shahnewaz Nazimuddin Ahmed

* PhD, 2013, Department of Economics, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh under the fellowship of University Grants Commission, Bangladesh

*MSS in Economics, 1981, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

*BSS (Hons) in Economics, 1980, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

* SSC, 1975, St. Joseph’s High School, Khulna, Bangladesh

* HSC, 1977, Govt. B.L. College, Khulna, Bangladesh

Development Economics, Islamic Economics, Poverty and Inequality, Globalization and International Cooperation

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xi) Translated a book titled, Mahanabir Bani: Sayings of Muhammad (Sm) Edited by Abdullah Al-Mamun-al Suhrawardy from English to Bangla in October, 1977.

Seminar/Workshop Paper:

* Somobaye Samajik Nirapattya, presented in a seminar on ‘42nd National Cooperative Day’ organized by Cooperative Department, Khulna and District Cooperative Union, Khulna, at the Conference Room of Deputy Commissioner, Khulna, dated 2nd November, 2013