Sazia Ahmed
Assistant Professor

Believe in Effort and Patience!

       .      Pursuing PhD in Economics (University of Waikato, New Zealand) [on Study Leave]

·         Master in Social Science (MSS) in Economics (2017); Khulna University, Bangladesh

-         Achieved 3.83 (Distinction) on the scale of 4 and completed 39 credits

·         Bachelor in Social Science (BSS-Hons) in Economics (2016); Khulna University, Bangladesh

-         Achieved 3.78 (Distinction) on the scale of 4 and completed 150.5 credits

·         Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) from Khulna Govt. Girls College (2009), Jessore Board, Bangladesh

-         Achieved 5.00 on the scale of 5.00

·         Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Khulna Govt. Girls School (2007); Jessore Board, Bangladesh

-         Achieved 4.75 on the scale of 5.00

·         Training on Statistics with STATA Operations, Data Management and Visualization, Hypothesis Testing, Regression, Correlation, Model Building (June – July, 2021), Statistical Research Consultants Bangladesh

Development Economics

Agricultural Economics

Environmental Economics

Health Economics


Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
1 Association between Women Empowerment and the Utilization of Skilled Birth Attendance (SBA) in South-western Region of Bangladesh - 2021 Principal Investigator 13.12.2021 22.02.2023 National

·         Assistant Professor (May 01, 2021 – Present)

Economics Discipline, Khulna University

·         Lecturer (July 15, 2019 – April 30, 2021)

Economics Discipline, Khulna University

·         Lecturer (September 01, 2018 – July 14, 2019)

Stamford University Bangladesh

·         Research Associate (April 01, 2017 – August 31, 2018)

Research Department, NewVision Solutions Ltd., Bangladesh

·         Research Assistant (April 01, 2016 – October 31, 2016)

Research Project funded by ‘Bangladesh Center for Communications Programs (BCCP) and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA (Tobacco Control Research Grant Program 2016’)

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
No Supervision Available

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coming soon...

- Mahmud, T.R. & Ahmed, S. (2023). Labour Migration Trend and Policy of Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects. Rajshahi University Law Review, Department of Law, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, XII.

- Ahmed, S. & Mahmud, T.R. (2022). Nexus between Educational Attainment and Income in Khulna City: An Empirical Exploration. Khulna University Studies, 19(1).

- Keramat, S.A., Ahammed, B., Mohammed, A., Seidu, A., Farjana, F, Hashmi, R., Ahmad, K., Haque, R., Ahmed, S., Ali, M.A. & Ahinkorah, B.O. (2022). Disability, physical activity, and health-related quality of life in Australian adults: An investigation using 19 waves of a longitudinal cohort. Plos one, 17(5), e0268304.

- Keramat, S.A., Alam, K., Ahinkorah, B.O., Islam, M.S., Islam, M.I., Hossain, M.Z., Ahmed, S., Glow, J. & Biddle, S.J. (2021). Obesity, Disability and Self-perceived Health Outcomes in Australian Adults: A Longitudinal Analysis Using 14 Annual Waves of the HILDA Cohort. ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research: CEOR, 13, 777

- Mahmud, T.R., & Ahmed, S. (2021). Domestic Violence against Women in Bangladesh: Addressing Socioeconomic Issues and Barriers to Legal Remedies. Journal of Law (JL) under the Faculty of Law of the Islamic University Kushtia Bangladesh, 13(2)

- Nasrin, N., Hossain, MI., Halim, SFB. & Ahmed, S. (2021). Parental Awareness towards Child Health: A Study on the Parents of High School Students at Khulna City Corporation in Bangladesh. Khulna University Studies, 17(1&2)

- Ahsan, MN., Halim, SFB., Ahmed, S. & Haider, MZ. (2021). Universities' Preparedness and Response towards Multi-hazards: COVID-19, Natural, and Human-induced Hazards. IRIDeS, Keio University, Tsinghua University, Japan.