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    Room No.: 3394, Second Floor, Kabi Jibanananda Das Academic Building (Former 3rd Academic Building), Economics Discipline, Khulna University

Nurun Naher Moni

             2021-to date   PhD in Economics and Finance, Curtin University, Bentley, Perth, WA.


Advanced Master of Globalization and Development, Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB), University of Antwerp, Antwerp 2000, Belgium, with Great Distinction (76% Marks)


BSS. in Economics, Khulna University, Bangladesh, with Distinction (71.12% Marks)


Higher Secondary Certificate Government Majid Memorial City College, Khulna, Bangladesh (85.7% Marks)


Secondary School Certificate, Government Coronation Secondary Girls’ High School, Khulna, Bangladesh (82% Marks)


Social Economics, Economic Geography, Historical Geography, Trade, Water Resource Management

Current Research Project/Collaboration

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From 2007-2011: Lecturer in Economics Discipline of Khulna University

From 2011-2014: Assistant Professor in Economics Discipline of Khulna University

From 2014-2018: Associate professor in Economics Discipline of Khulna University

From 2018 to date: Professor in Economics Discipline of Khulna University

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No Supervision Available

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