Economics Discipline Khulna University Khulna Bangladesh

Fariha Farjana
Associate Professor

  • Education
    1. Master of Science (MSc)
    Name of University : University of Antwerp, Belgium
    Subject : Globalization and Development
    Session : 2016-2017
    Year of Passing : 2017
    Achievement : Great Distinction

    2. Master of Social Science (MSS)
    Name of University : University of Khulna, Bangladesh
    Subject : Economics
    Session : 2011-2012
    Year of Passing : 2013
    Achievement : Distinction

    3. Bachelor of Social Science (BSS)
    Name of University : University of Khulna, Bangladesh
    Subject : Economics
    Session : 2006-2007 to 2009-2010
    Year of Passing : 2011
    Achievement : Distinction

Growth and Development, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, and, Poverty, Inequality and Social Security.

Current Research Project/Collaboration

SL Title Research Role Awarded Date Completion Date Funding Agency
No Research Project Available

After completing graduation from economics discipline I am confident to set my career pathways in

academic arena. Since 2012 I have been actively involved in teaching and social research with

different capacities i.e.; part-time lecturer, lecturer, assistant professor, co-researcher and

supervisor of undergraduate thesis student. In my research career I have the experience to work

with different national and international organizations in different research projects with reputed

academicians. Being a top scorer in my batch I was awarded the prime minister gold medal

which gives me more courage to do more hard work.My major research interest are in the field of Growth and Development, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, and, Poverty, Inequality and Social Security.

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SL Title Degree Role Start Date End Date
No Supervision Available

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 Haider, M. Z. and Farjana, F. (2021). Value Chain Analysis of Mud Crab in The South-west Coastal Region of Bangladesh,The Jahangirnagar Review, XLV(II), P. 17-30.                

Chowdhury, A. S., Ahmed, M. S., Ahmed, S., Khanam, F., Farjana, F., Reza, S., ... & Rahman, M. (2020) Estimating Catastrophic Costs due to Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Bangladesh. Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health, 11(1), Pp.83-91.

Islam, M.K. and Farjana, F., (2020) Economic potentials of the aesthetic world heritage sites in the south-west region of Bangladesh. International Journal of Tourism Policy, 10(4), pp.303-326.

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Farjana, F., and Khatun, A. (2020) Technical Efficiency Assessment of Dairy Farm in the South-West Region of Bangladesh,  Global Journal of Human-social Science: E-Economics, 20(1), Pp. 30-38.

Farjana, F., and Ahmed, M. S. (2019) Factors affecting internal migration of the poor household of Bangladesh,  International Journal of Development and Sustainability, 8(9), Pp.544-557.