Welcome to the Chemistry Discipline

Welcome to the Chemistry Discipline at Khulna University. Please feel free to peruse our web pages for details of the discipline, our academic programs, the faculty and their research.

We are very proud of our track record of excellence in both teaching and research and we regard ourselves as one of the premier Discipline for our size in the entire region.

Today we are a large and dynamic Discipline comprising talented research faculty who are well-recognized in their fields of inquiry, teaching faculty who came from different university, and technical and administrative staff who garner university acclaim for their achievements.

We are a scholarly group of faculty, students, and staff working together to explore the how the world functions at the atomic level. As a faculty, we believe in the hands-on training of our students.

Our curriculum, therefore, is focused on providing ample student opportunities to work with relevant instrumentation, to learn experimental design, execution, and troubleshooting, and to practice with various forms of scientific communication. These topics are integrated throughout the core chemistry courses, capstone lab experiences, and undergraduate research. At the undergraduate level we offer comprehensive programs in Chemistry, all featuring extensive hands-on training in research.

Be sure that after graduation from our faculty you will be highly qualified for job competition in various pharmaceutical institutions in academia, governmental, health care and industry, in Bangladesh and other countries.

But, most importantly, it is just so fascinating! If you want to understand the workings of the world around you - then chemistry is for you!