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Removal of Fe 3+ Ions from Wastewater by Activated Borassus flabellifer Male Flower Charcoal

Carbonization method was applied to prepare activated charcoal from Borassus flabellifer male

flower. The surface morphology of activated charcoal was characterized by SEM and EDX

values. From SEM image analysis it was seen that the average size of the adsorbent was

44.31μm and from the EDX value it was observed that 95.16% carbon was present and the

presence of oxygen is negligible. The adsorption capacity of BF charcoal showed satisfactory

results examined by iodine number method. The studies were carried out by batch adsorption

method and UV-visible spectrometer was used for quantitative analysis. The effect of pH,

adsorbent dosage, metal ion concentration, contact time and milling time of the adsorbent on

percentage of adsorption of iron (III) ions on BF were studied. Result shows that the optimum

pH value for about 81.24 % Fe (III) adsorption onto the BF charcoal was found to be 8, after 130

minutes contact time period, 0.3g absorbent dosage and 50 ppm metal ion concentration. The

ability BF to remove iron (III) from aqueous system by adsorption was studied using Langmuir

and Freundlich adsorption isotherms. Both the Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption models are

satisfied to remove the Fe (III) ions from the aqueous system by BF charcoal. The iron (III)

adsorption capacity of BF was much satisfiable. BF charcoal preparation is easy and cost

effective than commercial charcoal. These results showed that the BF charcoal seems to be very

effective and cheap adsorbent to remove the Fe (III) ions from aqueous system.

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Start Date January, 2019
End Date February, 2020