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Drinking Water Quality Assessment of Different Educational Institutions in and around Khulna City

Water is uniquely vulnerable to pollution. It can be polluted from various

environmental sources and due to lack of purification treatment. The water quality

index (WQI) is an important parameter for determining the drinking water quality for

the end users. The study has been carried on the drinking water by collecting 25

samples from 25 educational institutions of Khulna city. Physico-chemical

parameters were assessed according to the methods of APHA and minerals and heavy

metals concentrations are measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. In

order to develop WQI the samples were subjected to a comprehensive analysis of 17

parameters such as pH, EC, TDS, salinity, hardness, total alkalinity, total acidity,

DO, Dissolved free CO 2, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulphur, copper, iron,

manganese. Geographical information system has been used to map the sampling

area. The coordinates in terms of latitude and longitude of the sampling locations

were recorded with the help of global positioning system. The WQI index for the

same has been calculated and the values ranged from 15.14 to 375.70. The WQI

values from present study indicate that 80% of samples are of excellent and good

quality. 20% of samples presented low quality that might be due to poor water

treatment system in that institutions. The analysis reveals the fact that the drinking

water sources of the academic institutions in and around Khulna city need a degree of

treatment before consumption and needs to be protected from further contamination.

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Start Date January, 2018
End Date March 2019