Room no. 3460, Kobi Jibanananda Das academic building, Khulna University, Khulna-9208

Nirob Kumar Saha
Assistant Professor

Ph.D (4th year, Study leave), Chemistry and Bio-chemistry Department, Auburn University, Alabama, USA

M.S. in Organic Chemistry, Dhaka University, Bangladesh.
B.Sc. in Chemistry, Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

Organic synthesis

Current Research Project/Collaboration

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Organic synthesis:

Ø  Synthesis of [4]CPP (a curved aromatic system) from macrocyclic diketone.

Ø  Diastereoselective studies on macrocyclic 1,4-diketone.

Ø  π- Extension on strained Benzenoid macrocycles.

Ø  Allylic arylation on strained macrocycles.

Natural Product isolation:

Ø  Isolation and biological activity of carbazole alkaloid from Murraya Koenigii (L) Spreng leave

Ø  Isolation and biological activity oil extraction from Irrevinga gabonensis seeds.

Adsorption Chemistry:

Ø  Heavy metal adsorption on Tea leaves

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     i) Hematological, Histopathological and Growth Performance Studies on Albino Rats Fed on Mystus gulio Fillet with Formulated Cereal. M. H. Ara, K. M. R. Karim, N. K. Saha, A. B. M. N. Islam, P. K. Dhar. J. Chem. Health Risks, 2019, 9(1). (In Press)

     ii)  π – Extension of strained Benzenoid Macrocycles Using the Scholl Reaction. Nirob K. Saha, Nirmal K. Mitra, Kara F. Johnson, and Bradley L. Merner, Org. Lett., 2018, 20, 6855-6858.

   iii) Investigation on Fatty Acid composition of oil extracted from Carica papaya L. seed. Prianka Saha, Md. Mahiuddin, Nirob Kumar Saha, A.B.M. Nazmul Islam, Mosummath Hosna Ara, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology, 2018, 7(10), 10543-10548.

    iv) Removal of Iron (II) from Aqueous solution Using Waste Tea Leaves. Sumon Chakrabarty, Nusrat Tazneen Tonu, and Nirob Kumar Saha, The International Journal of Engineering and Science, 2017, 6 (12), 62-67.

 v) Antimicrobial activity of carbazole alkaloids from Murraya Koenigii (L) Spreng leave. Mohammad Shoeb, Zahid Hasan, Nirob Kumar Saha, M. Manjurul Karim, Nilufar Nahar, Int. J. Med. Arom.Plants, 2013, 3(2), 131-135.