Dr. Debesh Das
Associate Professor

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PhD in Stress Physiology- Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

MS in Crop Botany- Department of Crop Botany, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh

B.Sc in Agriculture (Hons)-  Agrotechnology Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna

Higher Secondary Certificate- Govt. P.C. College, Bagerhat

Secondary School Certificate- Masni High School, Bagerhat

Dr. Debesh Das is an Associate Professor of Agrotechnology Discipline in Khulna University, Bangladesh. Besides, teaching highly focus on research especially abiotic stress mitigation through nutrient management for enhancing crop production to meet up national food security. Currently, I am engaging in some research on sustainable and climate smart agriculture in coastal soils saline for emerging cropping patterns towards intensification of small farms. Recently, I have published few articles regarding alleviation of drought and salinity stress by silicon and biofertilization which is very interesting research. Different types of nutrient management along with microbial inoculation on different crops is an emerging research area for agricultural development. I want to be part of the recent developments in agricultural technology and uphold the local and national problem-oriented research and extension towards the benefit of common people.

Current Research Project/Collaboration

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Ten years teaching on Agricultural Botany, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry , Crop Ecology and related courses in AT Discipline. Also involved several Food Science related courses. Several research project on Coastal Soil salinity related were done successfully.  

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